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Chaeng Watthana / Ngam Wong Wan / Rattanathibet

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Ratchadaphisek - Ladprao - Bangsue


Central Town RattanathibetChaeng Watthana and Ngam Wong Wan / Rattanathibet are two parallel road with similar setup: a large avenue, some shopping centers along the road and a few disseminated condominiums among villages and houses with some upper class population. There are plans for public transport extension to reach the areas but patience will be the key before it actually comes in the next few years.


The Kith condominium on Chaeng WatthanaWhile the city center has a dense population, the suburbs is much more light with mostly villages, some quite luxurious, and a few condominiums located along the main roads. However and even if it may look far from the center, you will find there Central Plaza with theater, Big C and other large malls.


Chaeng Watthana trafficCurrently you won't have a choice: car or busses are the only way of reaching the area so you will need a driving license if you do plan living there or study about bus schedules so you can access other parts of the city. The traffic can be as everywhere quite bad at peak times but as those avenues are quite large the flow of cars does not remain for too long and you will usually be able to cope with it. Note however that you will face daily traffic jams near the department stores entrance.

A few roads will help you to reach the center of the city with Tiwanon, an express way nearby and Vibhavadee Rangsit roads.


The Avenue ChaengwattanaHere comes a large choice of shopping malls with on Rattanathibet Central Plaza Rattanathibet and its town next to it featuring a large choice of shops and even a nearby Robinson department store! A Big C is also on the opposite side of the road very near if you cannot / don't want to cross the road from south Rattanathibet. Near Tiwanon road a Tesco Lotus Rattanathibet will provide you with some local shopping as well and few imported products while you can also opt for The Mall Ngamwongwan nearby Prachachuen intersection.

From Chaeng Watthana road, Major Hollywood Chaeng Watthana near Tiwanon is a great place for some shopping and particularly movies, but if your focus is on food then check out the nearby Big C Extra! Then for a full shopping experience go to Central Plaza where you will have much more choice before you pass under the express way... Near Prachachuen another set of department stores will provide you with a large choice! A Makro, Tesco Lotus, Villa Market and Big C will offer you with all choice of products you can think about, then The Avenue Chaengwattana will be the place to discover other shops or some dining. Note also that at mid distance from Chaeng Watthana and Rattanathibet roads, another villa market is located on Prachachuen road for the luxurious nearby villages.


Away from the city center, finding an hospital may reveal itself to be a challenge. Hopefully there are two hospitals around there, each of them providing services to a large area.

Nonthavej Hospital on Ngam Wong Wan road will be the perfect place to go for medical care if you are living on that road or Rattanathibet / south of Tiwanon. This hospital is conveniently located next to The Mall Ngamwongwan so you won't be lost and can even enjoy some shopping if you feel you can handle it.

Mongkutwattana General Hospital will be the choice of residents on Chaeng Watthana road. Again this one is located next to a large set of department stores, near Chaeng Watthana soi 14 and Prachachuen road. You won't locate it directly from the main road so look for the postage to reach it!

Going Out

The LakeCombining shopping and eating is easy with the many department stores available in the areas so you will surely find some some great places around!

Wine Connection Deli & Bistro on Rattanathibet road is another great place for some food and experience some nice imported wines among friends. For a more local atmosphere, you can also discover the Zabb Ni-Yom restaurant and pub on Tiwanon road and its cheerful atmosphere.

On Chaeng Watthana road, Yes In Deed is another place for drinks and party but you should also discover The Lake with its food and drinks near a small lake with some music.


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