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Charan Sanitwong

See also inside Silom / Sathorn / Riverside:
Silom - Sathorn - Rama 3 - Charoen Krung - Krung Thonburi


Charan Sanitwong is most likely the longest road from the west bank of the Chaophraya river. It runs from Phet Kasem road (near Krung Thonburi) to a bridge on the north part linking to Bangsue. It is well known for its traffic jams, but this is now changing with improvement of the public transportation and opening soon of the extension of MRT line. New projects from any kind are popping around the street with some luxurious condos and penthouse, and some smaller units. The area is well deserved for facilities with shopping centers and some top hospital around.


City Home Ratchada-Pinklao condominiumFor a long time Charan Sanitwong did not develop much with mostly 3 stories buildings mixing shop on the ground floor and living on upper floors, a few condos and apartments as well but nothing like Sukhumvit or Silom. This is however a very lively area with many street shops and people living in the areas (workers, students, shop owners) as this is mostly an inexpensive area that remain very green with many trees and empty plots of lands or houses along the way.

As the MRT line is being built Charan Sanitwong is changing with new condos projects and shopping malls to attract new residents.


Elevated MRT station artist design on Charan SanitwongCurrently the road system of Charan Sanitwong is very often subject to traffic jams and in particular at peak times due to the fact that the road is heavily used to reach other parts of Bangkok through the bridges it crosses. On the northern part of Charan Sanitwong the Rama VII bridge takes you directly to Bangsue while other bridges will take you to Yaowarat (chinatown and the old city). The southern part of Charan Sanitwong get more sois that can help you to avoid traffic and become Ratchadaphisek before reaching Ratchapruek / Krung Thonburi and finally turns into the city and called Rama 3.

What makes this place attractive now is the planned MRT line that opens its doors in 2015 and that will follow the road to its end. This is certainly a future asset so if you are planning for a long stay in Bangkok or buying a condo this is something to consider as well as prices are still cheap but will most likely increase as the construction of the line progresses and new projects join the move.


Central Plaza PinklaoThere are several shopping centers along Charan Sanitwong road. It starts with Foodland and Makro around Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok Noi. A bit further you can find Tesco Lotus Pinkla and Major Pinklao and another Tesco Lotus Charansanitwong in Bang Phlat.

If you cross the river and reach Bangsue, you will also be able to go to the Big C Wong Sawang for a change.

Looking for something bigger with theater and more entertainment, then you can go to Central Plaza Pinklao at midway of Charan Sanitwong. Central Group has multiple department stores in Bangkok that group restaurants, small supermarket, cinemas, bowling and of course shopping! On the opposite side there is also a Major Cineplex with cinema of the same name and more choices of restaurants. On the same street you can also find Pata Pinklao which is more focused on IT and computer with still plenty of shops and restaurants.

All those places can provide you with fresh groceries, meat and fishes for your meals but also branches of restaurants and other facilities (banks, food court, ...).


Yahnee International HospitalThere are enough hospitals along the path of Charan Sanitwong to cover your area wherever you are...

From the south of the street (near Ratchaphruek and Krung Thonburi roads), the first hospital you could access is Phyathai 3 belonging to a group of hospital well known for the great quality of services provided.

Going north, you will cross a set of four hospitals in the same area that are Thonburi Hospital and Siriraj near the Chaophraya river (accessed by Phran Nok road after Charan Sanitwong soi 28). You will also find another one a bit further on Charan Sanitwong next to Central Plaza Pinklao (Chaophya Hospital). A bit further on the same street you will find the Eye Ear Nose Throat Hospital which can help you for any problem related to those four parts of your body.

Finally on the northern part of Charan Sanitwong, before the bridge joining Bangsue, Yanhee International Hospital is a great choice for all your problems (this hospital is specialized also in beauty and wellness, and worth the visit for the roller-skating girls moving around the hospital to provide quickly documents from services to services). As you can guess from its name the staff can speak different languages as well that can be quite helpful if you are not fluent in thai.

Going Out

Riverside 92 HorseridingThe northern part of Charan Sanitwong is packed with great seafood restaurants like the To-Sit Pier 92 (soi 92) that also got branches in other Bangkok areas. Definitely you will also find bars and other restaurants along the river where you can enjoy the view and refreshment / seafood.

For shopping you will surely enjoy Central Plaza Pinklao and Major Cineplex. Both can provide you with a large choice of shops and movies as well.

Looking for some unusual sports in Bangkok? Why not try horse riding at Riverside 92 Horseriding? This can certainly be fun for children and adults alike.


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