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Rama 3

See also inside Silom / Sathorn / Riverside:
Silom - Sathorn - Charoen Krung - Krung Thonburi - Charan Sanitwong


Rama 9 bridge (view from The Pano condo)Bangkok is not near the sea but there is a river! So why not enjoy a condo with a view on the river? Riverside condos are becoming more and more popular as the transportation system did improve a lot around these areas that provide clear views on some of the most beautiful bridges and a guarantee that it will not be obstructed! You can maybe even spot some area to visit on your week-end from there.

Rama 3 road is shared between some dock for the industry, offices and condos near Chaophraya river with some also hidden in sois between Rama 3 and Sathorn.


Lumpini Place Narathiwas Chaophraya condoThere are not so many people actually living near the Rama 3 river as the space between the road and the river is limited but it tends to grow. Most projects are built to attract people that belong to the higher class of the population, but with some condos also targeting more the middle class.

Going deeper in the sois between Rama 3 and Sathorn you will find a greater variety of condos for everyone and villages / houses.

During the day there are most office workers from the nearby companies and industry (when there are some), while in the evening the place changes radically with luxurious riverside shopping villages attracting locals for dinner.


BRT going to Sathorn along Rama 3There are not less than three bridges that pass over the Chaophraya river from Rama 3 road, and in three directions: east with the Rama 9 bridge that can get you to Prapadaeng or Samut Prakarn (east side), south with the express way bridge taking you to Rama 2 road and west with the Krunthep bridge on Rama 3 itself finishing on Ratchaphruek road. You can also expect a lot of commuters using the road in the morning and evening but they would not block Rama 3 so much in fact as they would mostly just pass over it to reach other areas. Rama 3 is a nice road to take with multiple links to other areas of Bangkok.

There is no BTS in Rama 3 nor MRT... However you will see the BRT that was officially opened in 2011. This consist on a dedicated lane to a bus that drive from Ratchapruek road to Sathorn, on Rama 3 most of the time with a total of 8 stations on Rama 3 (or very near) out of 12 stations in total! The bus itself is very comfortable, the stations to wait for it as well. There is only one drawback which is sometimes a unclear separation between the road (for cars) from the one dedicated to the BRT leading to many motorists deciding to take the BRT lane in order to go faster... Hopefully this should be resolved and I encourage you to have a look at the line to ensure it fits your need as this is a really very convenient way to reach Sathorn. and then the BTS line. You would however certainly need to use taxi or your own car from time to time for more convenience.


Central Plaza Rama 3There is a shopping mall called Central Plaza Rama 3 that is actually located on Ratchadaphisek road near Rama 3. As every Central department store you will find every convenience you may be looking for in there, food, clothes, theater, restaurants... A Tesco Lotus is also on the opposite side of that road that could also be useful when you are focusing more on food.

A few shopping malls are also found in buildings along the Rama 3 road and now many new shopping villages are being built as well near the condominiums areas with supermarkets, restaurants and other convenience stores so you should really not face any real issue.


Charoen Krung Pracha Rak hospital is maybe the only hospital on Rama 3 itself but can easily be accessed using the BRT. However more hospitals are available on the other side of the river or you can also quickly reach Sathorn and the Saint Louis Hospital or BNH.

Going Out

BEUU BarLooking for some dinner on the river? You should look at Good View restaurant or some other picks with many thai restaurants and a few japanese or other kind of food along the road, in the sois and the shopping villages.

Drinking something? Plenty of coffee shops everywhere and some nice bars including the Carlifornia Wine that is a nice spot again for some night drinks or BEUU.

As of parks, there are not so many in the area but Prapadaeng is definitely a very easy place to reach from Rama 3 using the Rama 9 bridge! And there is also the park near the express way bridge built in commemoration of the king.


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