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See also inside Phahonyothin:
Victory Monument - Ari - Jatujak


Elephant Tower near RatchayothinGoing north after Jatujak, some condos have started to spread around Ratchayothin area which became popular through the Major Cineplex built there and recently improved with more shopping places at Major Avenue. This is also well located on Ratchadaphisek and Phahonyothin road that are some main roads bringing you to the center of Bangkok or to BTS / MRT stations.

Some large offices can also be found around like SCB Park Plaza (some large companies like Unilever have offices in there) as well as universities and schools (Kasetsart University, Horwang School...). And of course there are many condos near Ratchayothin that are already in place or being built as the city is expanding to the north.


Chateau in Town Major Ratchayothin condominiumOffice workers and students populate a Ratchayothin with multiple faces. Offices and universities at day time, shopping and dining in the shopping malls or street alike at the night time.

Condos are concentrated mostly around the Major Cineplex Ratchayothin, but there are also a few hidden further around Sena Nikhom area. There is also choice of condo in Ratchayothin between low rise and high rise with a good balance between both, all of them featuring a large set of facilities.


Ratchadaphisek Road at night from Wind RatchayothinRatchayothin gives you access to Phahonyothin, Ratchadaphisek, Viphavadee Rangsit and also Ngamwongwan roads. Traffic can be quite intense in the morning and evening as those roads are used by commuters from northern suburbs to enter the city and leave it. However it remains very convenient to travel around Bangkok when you start to know the place as you are one step farther from traffic of the city center.

The nearest public transportation you can find is the MRT at Phahon Yothin station, or Ratchadaphisek station if you decide to follow Ratchadaphisek road. To get there you can use the public busses, motorcycle or taxis but you could even choose to walk as this is a reasonable distance.


Major Avenue RatchayothinYour shopping will definitely be focused on Major Avenue Ratchayothin at the Villa Market and the few other shops available there among restaurants, night market, banks, coffee shops... The Villa Market groups all groceries you may be looking for and some imported food as well.

You can also reach the Central Plaza Ladprao at the intersection of Phahonyothin and Vibhavadee Rangist roads, this should be a short walking distance from your condo near Ratchayothin as no main road will block you between Ratchadaphisek and Central Plaza Ladprao.

A Big C Extra is also available on Ladprao road between Phahonyothin and Ratchadaphisek roads.


Paolo Memorial HospitalVibhavadi Hospital on the corner of Ngamwongwan and Vibhavadee Rangsit roads is the nearest choice from Ratchayothin, but it may not be the easiest one to go depending of where you do live.

The next recommended hospital a short trip away would be Paolo Memorial Hospital located next to Saphan Khwai BTS station, accessed from Phahonyothin road. This private hospital has some other branches in Bangkok, the other nearest one being certainly Chockchai 4.

If you are alright taking the BTS for a few more stations, then go for Phyathai 2 Hospital next to Sanama Pao BTS Station. It became an international hospital with nice services and translation to a few other languages as well.

Going Out

Tuscany Thai CuisineIf you love shopping then you definitely will find quickly what you like if your condo is near Ratchayothin: indeed with Major Avenue Ratchayothin and the night market there you will have some stuff to discover and enjoy restaurants and movies in Major Cineplex Ratchayothin. You will also love the Central Plaza Ladprao and Union Mall located a short walk from Major Avenue down on Phahonyothin road.

The popular restaurants of the area include Tuscany Thai Cuisine on Phahonyothin soi 23, Ploen on Vibhavadi Rangsit and of course plenty more to discover in Major Avenue...

For some soccer and drinks at the break time, check out The Pitch just behind Major Avenue or Wine Society in Major Avenue. On Phahonyothin road you can give a try to Winks on Phahonyothin soi 37 for drinks and music.

For some sports, you can practice soccer behind Major Avenue or some badminton at the entrance of soi Sena Nikhom. But you may also prefer the outdoors with Chatuchak park and Rotfai park after Central Ladprao.


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