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Silom / Sathorn / Riverside

See also inside Silom / Sathorn / Riverside:
Silom - Sathorn - Rama 3 - Charoen Krung - Krung Thonburi - Charan Sanitwong


Silom / SathornSilom and Sathorn are two popular districts well known as business center with plenty of offices located along those roads. Actually there are now at least as many condos near Silom or Sathorn! Those places are filled with every convenience (shopping, parks, transportation) making a lot of people considering moving in this area. It can also be quiet if you are looking for "peace" as condos are well protected from outside noise.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the riversideMoving to the riverside, Rama 3 road can be a great choice and in particular since the BRT line (bus special lane) opened! You can enjoy the view on the Chaophraya and Prapadaeng (a very green area well protected just across the Chaophraya river). Charoen Krung road, linked to Silom road, is another nice riverside location as you can quickly join other areas of Bangkok, it also became very trendy since the Asiatique shopping village opened in some old docks.

Crossing the Chaophraya river, Krung Thonburi, on the BTS line, and Charoen Nakhon roads are other great options with some luxurious riverside condo projects completed recently. However be aware that traffic to reach Bangkok is very dense in morning and late afternoon so you may prefer the BTS line. Going north Charan Sanitwong road is also an interesting area near the river, especially since it is on the path of the MRT extension!


The Met condoSilom and Sathorn are mainly populated with office workers, with some sois (particularly between those two main roads) attracting the higher working class and many expatriates. Those roads are already well developed with condos but there are still more projects coming including the very luxurious Ritz Carlton Residence (from the Ritz Carlton hotels group) some condominium units in the MahaNakhon building.

Rama 3 and Charoen Krung are seeing increasing demand from every class so there is a large variety of condos to be found. Local markets and new trendy department stores can be found next to each other welcoming every passer-by.

The River condoOn Krung Thonburi road you will find the same mix of people, with more and more higher class population moving to the area with the extension of transportation system (BTS, MRT and BRT) and very high quality projects (The River Bangkok being one of the latest jewel of the area).

Charan Sanitwong follows the trend. This road was previously well known for non-ending traffic jams with mainly lower class population living in there and a few riverside restaurants available but arrival of MRT line and development of the city brought new projects to the area with some luxury condos along the road from which you can enjoy living by the Chaophraya river.


BTS Skytrain over Lumpini ParkAs everywhere in Bangkok you can experience heavy traffic jams in Silom and Sathorn but the BTS and BRT lines really help in reducing the traffic together with some express ways located on each end of this area. Charan Sanitwong and Krung Thonburi (in particular near the bridge linking to the inner Bangkok) roads are often experiencing a heavy traffic. With some experience you can avoid it by using other roads. The extension of BTS and MRT lines should help to reduce the traffic once completed. As for Rama 3 the traffic is usually under control with multiple bridges getting you out of Bangkok and a large number of lanes with a dedicated one for the BRT.

BRT going to Sathorn along Rama 3Rama 4 road (intersecting both Silom and Sathorn) is deserved by the MRT line that continues to Hua Lamphong station. The BTS line follows the path Silom, Sathorn to end on Krung Thonburi road but will be extended to further stations in the coming years. A new type of transportation also appeared recently called the BRT which is simply a bus with a dedicated lane and air conditioned dedicated stations. The line is linking Sathorn to Rama 3 (Narathiwas road) and follow then Rama 3 road to its end deserving it almost fully.


AsiatiquePlenty of department stores around Silom and Sathorn make it easy to go for a shopping session. The shopping centers are usually either focused on shopping only or located in some office or condominium towers with then a few shops available (mostly restaurants and some convenience services such as post office, hair dresser...).

One spot that tends to be more and more popular is the riverbank: recently many shopping villages have opened or have started construction along the river to provide both sightseeing while dining and shopping experiences (Asiatique is a very successful reconversion of docks to shopping area).


BNH HospitalThere is a large choice of hospitals in Silom / Sathorn roads with the BNH, Saint Louis, Chulalongkorn or Bangkok Christian Hospitals so living near those main roads will definitely provide you an easy access to healthcare.

Rama 3 road does have much less hospitals, still you will find the Charoen Krung Pracha Rak Hospital on Charoen Krung road intersection. The BRT will also bring you quickly to Sathorn where you can reach Saint Louis or the BNH hospital.

Charoen Krung gives you access to the Charoen Krung Pracha Rak Hospital as mentioned above and also Lerdsin Hospital on the intersection with Sathorn road.

On Charan Sanitwong you will certainly like the Yanhee International Hospital or the Siriraj Hospital along Chaophraya river (well known in Thailand as the royal family often uses services provided at this hospital).

In any case, as everywhere in Bangkok you will always find a hospital not much far from your place and quickly accessed through public transportation.

Going Out

Silom Night MarketSilom and Sathorn are close to Lumpini Park if you are looking for some place for outside sports. There are also as usual plenty of sporting facilities covering the whole area (and as always certainly one even inside your building). At night Silom night market (around Patpong) is great for walking and finding some cheap clothes and items. Patpong is known for prostitution but you will find out that there are also plenty of pubs and great restaurants nearby.

Along Rama 3 and Charoen Krung (riverside), the shopping villages are opened usually day and night and can provide you with some entertainment walking along and enjoying the river view. I would also strongly recommend that you have a look at joining Prapadaeng for some walk or biking there.

Charan Sanitwong also hosts restaurants along the river. This area is currently changing a lot with many new shopping malls being built so you may want to survey around your condo to see what is already there and coming soon!


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