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All Bangkok Condos for rent and buy are available right now on CondoPass. Basic filters are available so you can search for your favorite condo with number of bedrooms, price, condo name...

Exclusively on CondoPass you can find all condos on the map and filter them near BTS, MRT, shopping malls, universities, parks, hospitals (...) by browsing the categories available in the "Interest" section.




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How to find condos to rent or buy in Bangkok

Search a condo

See the introduction video below to get to know how to use CondoPass

If you search to buy or rent a condo in Bangkok, the first thing you will need to do is to indicate it from the "Search Filters" area: a button allows you to filter condos to buy or to rent easily. Then you can also indicate the name of the condominium you are looking for and the map will update instantly to filter the results as you type. Note that this filter will also show names that "sounds" similar so you may see more condos than what you were expected sometimes. Additional filters allow you to search for condominiums with a minimum and maximum number of bedrooms, price and size (in square meters).

Exclusively on CondoPass you also have the opportunity to search a condo near places of interest (transportation, shopping, hospitals, universities, parks...). To do so you simply need to click on the category you are interested to get your condo near. For example if you are looking for a condo near BTS, simply click on the "Transportation" category and then on the button next to BTS to select all BTS stations and find your condo near one of those. You can also select near MRT if you do wish to have it either near a BTS station or a MRT station. If you also want your condo to be near a shopping mall, you can do the same by selecting some shopping malls, your condo will then be found near transportation selected AND shopping! To help you finding your favorite place you can also filter by typing the name of the place you are looking for then drill down inside categories.

Some advanced functions are available so you can set the distance used to search the condominium from the interest points, and also to see only condos that have offers on the map (and not all of them)

See your results

The map will show all condos matching your results whether there are rooms available or not (you can change that behavior in the advanced search options). If you do wish to display transportation lines, shopping centers or any interest points you can do it using the icons on the top left area on the map and selecting the categories you want to be displayed. When you are zoomed out, groups of condos will be indicated with a large icon indicating the number of condos in the area and a red badge indicating the number of condos available for sell / rent.

When clicking on a condo, you will be able to see short information displayed in the left area instead of the search filters. It features a picture of the condo, some information about units usually found inside and facilities. If this condo does have some units available they will also be displayed in a list for quick access. On the map a circle will be drawn around the condos and if you did select your condo to be near some interest points they will be displayed. A mouse over the interest points will display the name of it and distance to it from the condo.

To see details of the selected condo, you can simply click on the "zoom" icon in the short information of the condo (on the top right). If you do wish to see another condo you can click on the back icon which is represented by a left arrow located on the top left side of the short information zone. Condo details will show you some additional details, list of units available and picture in larger size.

On the right side you will see a list of units available (classifieds) that can be sorted by zone, price, size, posted date... A mouse over the classified will display some short information about the room and show it on the map exactly as it would do when you selected a condominium! You can also zoom it by clicking the marker icon. To see details of a classified just click on it or on the "zoom" icon. Classified details will display pictures and all information about the room as well as contact details to get in touch with the owner.

For more details, please check out our video presenting CondoPass by clicking right here!

How to sell or rent my condo

To sell or rent a condo, this is simple and free! You can either find your condominium on the map first, open its details to see a shortcut to add a classified on it, or just click on the button "Add Classified" on the top. Adding a classified is done in 5 quick and easy steps!

First of all you need to indicate whether you want to sell or rent your condo. Just click on the correct button here.

You will need first to indicate what is your condo name by typing its name and then selected it from the list that prompts. If you do not find your condo, click on the item "click here here if your property is not listed" so we will find it and add it in our list (you will be then asked to enter its name). Other informations to be provided are price, number of bedrooms, floor, size, car park, furniture... You will also have to enter a "tagline" or title for your offer and a short description. Pictures can be added as well (pictures can always help you to sell or rent your condo. They will be displayed on the short details so try to always have a good quality here).

Once you are done, you will need to enter some information about you (or login if you are already a user). Note that this step is skipped if you are already logged in CondoPass. Your information here will be kept confidential but e-mail is always displayed so customers can contact you easily. However phone number and name can be changed or hidden for each classified (see next step).

You will then have to select which contact name should be displayed and phone number. Once this is filled in you just have to save your classified and it will appear on the website! However note that if you never entered a classified before you will need to check your e-mails, a confirmation link will be mailed to you to validate the creation. Your classified will then appear on your next visit (or refresh the page to see it).


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