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What is a Condo

What is an Apartment

Apartments are available for rent only, they are owned by a single entity (person or company) who rent it to other people. In Bangkok, apartments are generally bigger than condominium units, they do have well maintained facilities. Amanta Ratchada also provides services apartment servicesYou will also have less trouble renting this kind of property as for every problem you will face, you would just have to contact the building management office that will assist you. Regarding drawbacks in renting an apartment, you will find the price of water and electricity is usually higher than condominiums and the buildings are also very often older with sometimes a "classy" decoration that does not fit to everyones preference.

You will very often find "service apartments" as well which provide in room cleaning frequently (very often daily) so you would feel like in a hotel also the price is of course much cheaper!

You will find on CondoPass some apartments for rent as well in the future, but currently the focus is on providing information on condominiums units for sale and for rent.

What is a Condominium

The River Bangkok, luxurious condominiumIn a condo, each unit is own by different entities (person or company). They often feature the best locations (near transportation or public facilities) and were built mostly in the last decade. Layouts are nice and you would find many different style of interior decoration but they are usually small... Services often features security to access the building, swimming pool, fitness and other sports areas. Lumpini Place Narathiwat-Chaopraya, an affordable riverside condominiumOne concern however about the quality of construction as very often builders will try to cut costs to make larger margins so check carefully that the unit you plan to buy / rent is well built and properly insulated. Also if you do rent this kind of unit you will have to deal with the owner for every issue you face so you may want to check on reactivity (you do not want to live in a condo with water leaking for more than a month!).

On CondoPass we provide you with a large number of condos precisely located on the map, you can then choose which one suits you best and see if there are units available for rent or purchase. If you do not find any condo for rent you may still find information about it and its location on CondoPass, we would then suggest you to walk to the location as very often there will be a building management office which could provide you with a list of units available for rent. The same applies if you wish to buy a condo, in Bangkok there is a very large offer available so do not hesitate to look around you!


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